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March 10, 2020


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Many students believe distance learning and Christian teachings should go hand-in-hand, leading them to search out online schools founded on biblical principles. The following guide introduces the benefits of online Christian colleges and universities, details several popular Christian degree paths, and helps students find the school that's right for them. Keep reading to learn more about getting an online education that can help you grow both spiritually and academically.

Online Christian College Rankings

如今有这么多基督教大学提供在线课程和学位,很难衡量它们的质量。我们接受了这项挑战,研究了数百所大学,分析了无数的数据点,总结出了今年50所最好的在线基督教大学。The ranking below represents colleges that deliver the highest educational value based on factors such as tuition, financial aid, student/teacher ratio, and average graduate earnings.

Rankings Methodology

Minimum Qualifications
  • Institutionally accredited
  • 公共的或私人的,非盈利的
  • Active Christian Affliation
  • At least 5 online associate degree or certificate programs (2-year schools)
Ranking Metrics
  • Median annual alumni earnings 10 years after entering the college
  • In-state tuition and fees for undergraduates
  • Student/teacher ratio
  • Graduation rate (4-year schools only)
  • % of students receiving institutional financial aid (first-time, full-time undergrads)
  • Average amount of institutional aid awarded per student (first-time, full-time undergrads)
  • Availability of placement services upon completion
  • Availability of academic/career counseling services
  • Availability of employment services
  • 3-year student cohort loan default rate
Data Sources

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): National Center for Education Statistics

Latest "Final Release" data available as of Fall 2016College Scorecard:U.S. Department of Education


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Online programs at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offer year-round start dates and numerous ways to earn credits beyond traditional courses. Students can complete their degree program with a combination of distance courses, prior learning assessments, and standardized testing. The school provides its distance students with supports that can be accessed online, from tutors to peer mentors. Courses have recently been transitioned from a 16-week to an eight-week format that makes it easier for learners to map their degree path. Students take four years on average to complete an online undergraduate program at the school. Many programs also offer an online minor or certificate option.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:62% Alumni Earnings:$30,200 Gift Financial Aid:98% Score:99.77 Student/Teacher Ratio:8:1 Acceptance Rate:100% Online Programs:22 Total Programs:42 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Buena Vista University

At Buena Vista University, distance students benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio that allows professors to work individually with learners. Courses are centered on collaboration, and students are encouraged to bring their experiences into the classroom to promote a well-rounded dialogue. In addition to online classes, the school offers evening courses as well as live-streamed classes that students can attend from their local community college. Courses are given in eight-week sessions comprised of structured workshops. Online and on-campus students benefit from distance access to the school's library, as well as career services and internship services that help learners find placements during and after their time at BVU.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:51% Alumni Earnings:$38,100 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:98.87 Student/Teacher Ratio:9:1 Acceptance Rate:68% Online Programs:16 Total Programs:70 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Judson College

Judson University's faith-based programs cover biblical and theological studies as well as Christian ministries and worship arts. Students have the opportunity to partake in learning experiences outside of the classroom, including internships and chapel ministry teams. Programs offer students practical experiences that they can build on after graduation to provide leadership to their ministry and to teach and apply God's Word. The school promotes spirituality and a sense of community with their "small groups" initiative. Small groups, hosted by student leaders and resident assistants, provide opportunities for Bible study and prayer in dorms and on campus throughout the school year.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:37% Alumni Earnings:$30,700 Gift Financial Aid:95% Score:98.6 Student/Teacher Ratio:9:1 Acceptance Rate:65% Online Programs:15 Total Programs:22 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Amridge University


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:N/A Alumni Earnings:$38,100 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:98.35 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:N/A Online Programs:13 Total Programs:8 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Distance students at Chaminade University of Honolulu can earn degrees at the associate, bachelor's, or master's level. The school also offers several hybrid graduate-level programs that combine online and in-person courses. These programs were developed to accommodate the needs of non-traditional students including working professionals and adults who are seeking to advance in their career or pursue a new path. Online courses are delivered in 10-week accelerated terms, with start dates in January, April, July, and October. Internships, an entrepreneurs program, and a student exchange program are some of the ways that students can gain experience and new perspectives during their studies to foster success after graduation.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:36% Alumni Earnings:$37,300 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:97.45 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:86% Online Programs:14 Total Programs:26 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

University of St Francis


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:56% Alumni Earnings:$44,600 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:97.41 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:51% Online Programs:12 Total Programs:45 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Siena Heights University

Many of the online programs at Siena Heights University are structured as "inverted majors." These programs are intended for working professionals who already have technical training and seek to earn a degree. Inverted major programs feature an individualized degree path for each student that builds on their current training and experience, and guides them towards their career goals. Instead of completing any further training in their major area, students supplement their education with liberal arts classes, management classes, and other general education courses to earn a degree. Other online programs offer a more traditional degree path for recent high school graduates or students without any prior training and experience.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:43% Alumni Earnings:$38,100 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:96.95 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:74% Online Programs:42 Total Programs:88 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Graceland University-Lamoni

Students seeking a religious education at Graceland University can choose an undergraduate major or minor or a graduate-level program to fulfil their goals. The school's seminary educates and prepares future leaders for work in congregations and churches. Students learn through teaching, service, prayerful scholarship, and mentoring, and curriculum guides them to be faithful, discerning, and creative in their leadership. Undergraduate students in the religion and philosophy program learn through the study of classical and contemporary works, and can specialize their degree with electives in environmental ethics, religion and popular culture, and science and religion, among others.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:50% Alumni Earnings:$36,600 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.94 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:50% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:40 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Canisius College


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:68% Alumni Earnings:$45,700 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:96.76 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:80% Online Programs:21 Total Programs:75 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Viterbo University

Students at Viterbo University can pursue a degree in religious studies that guides them in topics related to social justice and spirituality in today's world. Curriculum centers on critical thinking and writing skills, with instruction on religious history and Christian, Franciscan, and sacramental scripture and theologies. The program concludes with a mentored capstone project during senior year. Students may also choose an accelerated 3+1 degree program in religious studies comprised of three years of undergraduate coursework followed by one year of graduate work. Graduates of the 3+1 program are awarded a master of business administration or a master of arts in servant leadership.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:53% Alumni Earnings:$41,100 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.72 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:69% Online Programs:9 Total Programs:65 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Belhaven University

Just like their on-campus counterparts, online programs at Belhaven University are centered in a Christian teaching curriculum and taught by caring and experienced instructors. The school emphasizes a close working relationship between professors and students, with frequent communication and support for a student's success. Distance classes have no scheduled time that everyone must log on; instead, students complete weekly assignments at their convenience. In addition to submitting assignments due on Saturdays, students must post a 250-word text to a discussion board by Wednesday each week, and two 125-word texts at a later point in the week.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:49% Alumni Earnings:$37,900 Gift Financial Aid:98% Score:96.51 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:72% Online Programs:18 Total Programs:45 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Baker University

At Baker University, distance students take courses through the Moodle learning management system. This system provides a central location where students can communicate with instructors and peers, manage assignments and projects, and submit their work and assessments. Most online students at the school are working professionals, and many overseas military members are also in their online programs. All distance courses are asynchronous, allowing students to complete their work around their personal and professional schedule. Programs are held year-round, with multiple start dates for new cohorts. Classes are accelerated: between six to eight weeks for business courses, and six to seven weeks for liberal arts courses.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:55% Alumni Earnings:$48,900 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.47 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:70% Online Programs:5 Total Programs:40 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Malone University

Religious programs at Malone University offer students curriculum that combines the study of theology with an understanding of worship in the modern world. Students learn through hands-on experiences in local churches, and have the opportunity to preach in community worship and pursue internships as well. Professors come from numerous faith traditions, giving students a better understanding of different traditions. Malone also allows students to combine several majors and tailor a degree towards their career and spiritual aspirations. Those interested in working with the younger generation can enter the youth ministry program, where they will learn to educate and communicate with teenagers in creative and effective ways.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:62% Alumni Earnings:$38,500 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.4 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:72% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:48 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Quincy University

At Quincy University, students seeking a program to enrich their spirituality and develop their understanding of the world can major in theology and philosophy. The program brings students together for open class discussions on Western religions and philosophy, including scriptural, moral, and pastoral traditions. Curriculum is centered on mature thinking and intellectual versatility, guiding students to explore their belief systems. There are several concentrations offered as well: theology, pastoral ministry, philosophy, and Catholic and Franciscan theology. In addition to classroom learning, students choose an internship at a religious institution, and fulfill campus ministry leadership roles.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:56% Alumni Earnings:$38,500 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.39 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:89% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:39 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Messenger College

All of Messenger College's programs are available online. The school offers fields of study that guide students in developing a Christian worldview grounded in the Bible. Messenger College's degree programs include foundational Bible knowledge, general education courses, and leadership and professionalism skills. Students in all programs also study communication and technology skills that will make them effective contributors to the workplace in their chosen career. Programs offer certificate, associate's, or bachelor's level training that prepares students to enter the workforce as lay ministry or vocational ministry, or to further their studies in a seminary or graduate school.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:73% Alumni Earnings:N/A Gift Financial Aid:36% Score:96.36 Student/Teacher Ratio:4:1 Acceptance Rate:98% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:7 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Southwestern College

At Southwestern Christian College, students can pursue their associate degree in liberal arts as well as a bachelor's degrees in Bible and Religious Education. All academic programs at SCC were designed with Christian Living concepts in mind to develop the whole person through quality academics and human growth and development. Online students can buy and sell their textbooks through the online bookstore. The Center for Student Success also offers student resources such as tutoring services, career counseling, and community service opportunities as well as workshops to help students with proper note taking, study skills, and time management.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:51% Alumni Earnings:$44,200 Gift Financial Aid:95% Score:96.22 Student/Teacher Ratio:8:1 Acceptance Rate:88% Online Programs:31 Total Programs:57 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Concordia University-Wisconsin

Online degree programs at Concordia University are designed to be flexible and accommodating for working, non-traditional, and returning students. The school allows students to transfer up to 90 credits from a four-year college or university, and 70 credits from a two-year school. Students may also earn credits towards their degree from military or work experiences. Most courses are eight to ten weeks long, but the format of each program varies. Some are asynchronous, and allow students to progress through the program at their own pace. Others use a cohort-based model, where students learn in set groups that proceed through the entire program together.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:59% Alumni Earnings:$40,700 Gift Financial Aid:98% Score:96.13 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:75% Online Programs:31 Total Programs:76 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

McKendree University

Distance students at McKendree University can earn one of eight degrees through online study, with options at the bachelor, master's, and doctoral level. Online courses at McKendree use the Blackboard learning management system, a platform where students can access course materials, participate in group discussions, contact peers and instructors, and submit assignments. The school also offers support services for its distance students, including a student success and advising center that provides academic tutoring and assistance in charting a degree path. Students can also view online guides to graduate school, education-related job searches, interview skills, and resumes and cover letters.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:49% Alumni Earnings:$42,500 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.07 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:61% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:47 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University's online offerings include distance programs at their Baptist Bible Seminary. These programs, which lead to degrees at the masters and doctoral levels, center on interaction with peers and professors to create an online community. The format of the programs is varied: some can be completed fully online, while others require an in-person internship or brief on-campus residencies. Beyond the seminary's programs, the school also offers online study in secular subject areas like business administration, education, and literature. Prospective students who have taken some college courses already can enter a degree completion program, which allows students to take online courses of their choosing to earn their degree.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:52% Alumni Earnings:$30,000 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.06 Student/Teacher Ratio:9:1 Acceptance Rate:86% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:27 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Gwynedd Mercy University

Gwynedd Mercy University offers online degree programs with a simple application process designed to streamline the admission of qualified candidates. Prospective students fill out an initial form, and are then contacted by an admissions counselor who helps them gather any materials needed to complete their application. Many online programs are accelerated, with five-week classes at the undergraduate level and seven-week classes for graduate programs. Students may only take one course at a time. The school has many resources for its online students, including a career development center and academic resource center, as well as a 24/7 online tutoring service called Smarthinking.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:73% Alumni Earnings:$52,000 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96.04 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:76% Online Programs:13 Total Programs:24 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Briar Cliff University

Briar Cliff University's online degree programs are designed to be accommodating for adults with full professional and personal schedules. The programs are degree completion, allowing students who have taken prior schooling to transfer their credits and finish their degree. Students are expected to log on at least two to three times per week for each course (and more for summer courses, which are accelerated). Courses use the Collaborate program to stream lectures and post recordings of previous sessions. The school also provides students with an ePortfolio tool where they can store, organize, and share materials that embody their learning.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:43% Alumni Earnings:$38,600 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:96 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:62% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:40 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Saint Leo University

Degree programs in religion and theology are available at both the undergraduate and graduate level at Saint Leo University. The bachelor of arts in religion program guides students in viewing the human experience holistically, and offers hands-on opportunities in peer ministry, internships, and service trips. Areas of study range from women in the church to the moral and spiritual aspects of marriage. At the graduate level, students will explore critical theological questions about human origin and purpose in life. Career skills including leadership in liturgical and ministerial service are also included in the curriculum.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:43% Alumni Earnings:$42,600 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.75 Student/Teacher Ratio:15:1 Acceptance Rate:72% Online Programs:37 Total Programs:37 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Carlow University

Distance programs at Carlow University fall into two categories: fully online programs and low residency programs with some online components. Online programs are highly flexible, allowing students to continue working in their current job or dedicating time to family and personal responsibilities while still earning their degree. However, courses are not self-paced. There is a course schedule that gives deadlines for readings, assignments, and participation in discussions. Curriculum also includes group and team activities where students interact with peers to enhance their learning. The university estimates that students should spend about 10 to 12 hours per week on each online course.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:56% Alumni Earnings:$39,900 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:95.65 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:91% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:30 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Newman University

Students seeking a degree program in religion have numerous choices at Newman University, whose undergraduate offerings include everything from biblical languages to spirituality and the arts. Prerequisite courses include the Old and New Testaments in addition to math, science, and English; higher-level curriculum delves into spiritual growth and theological research. Students also choose several electives to determine their program's emphasis. At the associate's level, learners can earn a two-year degree in Christian ministries. In this program, they will be introduced to ministry and spiritual growth, and select several electives to complete 60 hours of studies.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:43% Alumni Earnings:$41,900 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.48 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:53% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:33 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

LeTourneau University


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:61% Alumni Earnings:$50,000 Gift Financial Aid:97% Score:95.45 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:49% Online Programs:18 Total Programs:70 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Wayland Baptist University

Studies in religion are among the many online offerings at Wayland Baptist University. The school provides degree programs in a distinctly Christian setting, with a focus on service to God as well as career success. Students can pursue Christian ministry studies through distance, with curriculum that covers the foundations of the Old and New Testaments, contemporary theology, Christian ethics, and preaching. Online courses use the Blackboard learning management system to deliver information and collect assignments. Instructors expect students to participate frequently with comments, questions, and answers on each class's bulletin boards, and they are available to help with technical or academic problems throughout the semester.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:36% Alumni Earnings:$40,900 Gift Financial Aid:33% Score:95.42 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:98% Online Programs:27 Total Programs:47 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

North Greenville University

The online undergraduate degree programs at North Greenville University are available for students who are 22 years of age or older. While courses are online, the programs may require some in-person participation at sites local to the student. For example, the criminal justice program includes an internship placement at a site of the student's choosing. Similarly, the Christian ministries program requires students to be involved in their local church as contributors to the ministries of the congregation. In all of the online programs, curriculum combines practical applications and biblical principles to provide a well-rounded education that imparts the values of the Christian faith.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:54% Alumni Earnings:$31,200 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:95.39 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:59% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:36 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Concordia University-Nebraska

Concordia University has several programs available for students seeking to further their religious education. Although the school is a Lutheran Christian university, students from all religious backgrounds are welcomed and included in a respectful dialogue in the classroom and on campus. Curriculum includes field experiences in local schools and at the People's City Mission nearby, as well as classroom learning in the areas of beliefs, ethics, and religious practices. Many graduates of the school's theology program continue on to graduate school programs or the seminary. The school also offers a pre-seminary club that provides fellowship for students who aspire to be pastors.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:63% Alumni Earnings:$36,600 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:95.35 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:77% Online Programs:14 Total Programs:44 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Mississippi College


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:62% Alumni Earnings:$38,200 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.33 Student/Teacher Ratio:15:1 Acceptance Rate:63% Online Programs:9 Total Programs:49 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

University of the Cumberlands


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:45% Alumni Earnings:$33,300 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:95.32 Student/Teacher Ratio:16:1 Acceptance Rate:66% Online Programs:23 Total Programs:37 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

DeSales University

The distance education options at DeSales University run the gamut from certificates to doctoral degrees, with online programs that require no in-person classroom presence. Undergraduate courses are accelerated, with six- or eight-week formats during fall and winter semesters and a three-week format during the winter "minimester." There are eleven start dates throughout the year for each program. Students are also encouraged to transfer in credits from other institutions, earn credits through CLEP testing, and earn credits from work experience and military or corporate training. Up to 75 credits (25 transfer courses) can be transferred in total.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:68% Alumni Earnings:$48,300 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:95.31 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:80% Online Programs:12 Total Programs:38 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

University of Saint Mary

The University of Saint Mary's online education options are highly flexible, with programs that are fully online and asynchronous. As such, they have no specific times that students must log in or participate, as long as work is completed by the instructor's deadlines. The school is committed to supporting its students, both online and on-campus, with access to a 24/7 Personal Support Center to solve computer issues and provide technical assistance. Learners also work with a dedicated student support services coordinator who reached out periodically to offer support and guidance. Upon graduation, students will receive the same diploma as on-campus students, with no reference to the distance nature of the program.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:37% Alumni Earnings:$39,900 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.18 Student/Teacher Ratio:9:1 Acceptance Rate:47% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:28 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Presentation College

PC Virtual, the distance education arm of Presentation College, has several programs available for students who can't or don't wish to attend courses on campus. The school's online offerings are in healthcare-related fields, with specific career paths for students seeking a career in a doctor's office or hospital. Curriculum combines field-specific skills such as medical coding, surgical technology, and radiologic technology, with the core competencies of critical thinking and communication that will benefit workers in any field. Many programs also include room for students to take additional courses in business, health science, or other areas that suit their interests and career aspirations.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:44% Alumni Earnings:$37,100 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.16 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:57% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:12 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Southwestern Adventist University

Distance students at Southwestern Adventist University can pursue a higher education in faith-based studies through bachelor's programs in religion and theology. The religion program is Christ-centered and Bible-based, with teachings that align with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Students benefit from small class sizes and frequent interactions with professors. In the theology program, prospective pastors are trained in biblical understanding, church leadership, and evangelism. Students will also learn about administration of churches. The program includes mandatory field work through church assignments, where learners put their practical ministry and evangelism skills to work. These and all distance programs at the school have the same courses, content, and instructors as on-campus programs.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:36% Alumni Earnings:$37,900 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:95.15 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:50% Online Programs:9 Total Programs:26 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

King University


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:49% Alumni Earnings:$39,700 Gift Financial Aid:82% Score:95.03 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:57% Online Programs:9 Total Programs:52 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor University's online programs combine the foundations of their subject matter with current strategies being used in the real world. The school is also dedicated to providing a strong support system for its adult learners. Each distance student is assigned a Student Success Coach who helps them develop their career goals and establish a balance between school, work, and personal life. Courses are delivered through Blackboard, where students can access materials and submit assignments. Part-time and full-time study is available, and students can take as many online courses as they'd like. However, they are advised to speak with an advisor before registration.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:52% Alumni Earnings:$40,400 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:94.93 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:67% Online Programs:12 Total Programs:66 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Iowa Wesleyan University


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:30% Alumni Earnings:$34,100 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:94.78 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:41% Online Programs:5 Total Programs:30 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Niagara University

Niagara University's religious studies program gives students a comprehensive view of religion and how people express their faith around the world. Students will learn how the traditions of different religions around the world impact the people living in it. Niagara hosts a local chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious studies and theology. Students with an eligible GPA, residency, and class ranking can be inducted to the society. After graduation, students of the religious studies program find employment in churches, synagogues, and mosques, in the fields of education, outreach, ministry, and journalism, among others.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:67% Alumni Earnings:$44,000 Gift Financial Aid:98% Score:94.76 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:66% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:48 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

William Woods University

Distance programs at William Woods University offer students the opportunity to earn an associate's, four-year, or graduate degree while maintaining work and family commitments. The school also offers online transfer programs for those who need a degree completion option. Courses are eight weeks long, and students can start and stop their degree as needed to accommodate their schedules. This accelerated pace also allows for a faster degree path than a traditional on-campus daytime program. In addition to learning critical subject matter, students will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers, building their list of contacts in their desired profession while developing key communication skills.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:49% Alumni Earnings:$34,200 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.74 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:76% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:33 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Duquesne University

Duquesne University has fully online and hybrid online/on-campus programs to meet the needs of its non-traditional students. Programs are designed to foster close relationships between professors and classmates, with small class sizes and frequent contact with support services staff. Advisors are in place to help students reach their professional goals, and IT staff assists with any technical help needed over the course of the program. Online courses are taught by the same instructors as those who lead on-campus courses, and they use up-to-date technologies that provide a seamless learning experience. Upon completion of their program, graduates can join Duquesne's Alumni Association, gaining access to nationwide events and a wide alumni network.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:74% Alumni Earnings:$54,300 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.69 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:73% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:84 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Oral Roberts University


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:51% Alumni Earnings:$34,900 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.63 Student/Teacher Ratio:16:1 Acceptance Rate:80% Online Programs:10 Total Programs:120 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Ottawa University-Ottawa

Prospective students seeking a career in Christian ministry can earn a relevant degree online through Ottawa University. The distance bachelor's program in Christian ministries provides a faith-based education with no on-campus requirements. Students will learn practical skills in effective ministry and how to build programs, and delve into topics from science and religion to theological thinking and philosophy. The school also offers numerous minors to supplement the program, allowing students to build their skills in communication, leadership and management, or education, among others. Online students at Ottawa work with a personal academic advisor who assists in course selection and career guidance.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:40% Alumni Earnings:$40,700 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.57 Student/Teacher Ratio:18:1 Acceptance Rate:99% Online Programs:11 Total Programs:21 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:51% Alumni Earnings:$37,900 Gift Financial Aid:97% Score:94.29 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:79% Online Programs:21 Total Programs:42 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Ohio Christian University

Distance students at Ohio Christian University have numerous choices in fields of study, from nursing to political science. Each program integrates Christian principles into curriculum and prepares students to enter the workforce or begin graduate work. Those seeking a program in religion can enter the online leadership and ministry program, which leads to a bachelor of arts degree. Learners in this field can concentrate their education in biblical studies, church planting, organizational leadership, or pastoral ministry. Graduates will become effective leaders as Christians in their area of influence. Certificate, associate's, and graduate programs in ministry are also offered online.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:36% Alumni Earnings:$32,800 Gift Financial Aid:53% Score:94.17 Student/Teacher Ratio:10:1 Acceptance Rate:65% Online Programs:12 Total Programs:19 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne


Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:50% Alumni Earnings:$40,000 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.16 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:97% Online Programs:7 Total Programs:44 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

University of the Incarnate Word

Online programs at the University of the Incarnate Word run the gamut from accounting to psychology. Students participate in courses through Blackboard, and the school offers a help desk for technology problems that prevent learners from accessing course materials or participating in their class in any way. There are numerous "student success" services in place to support students in their studies, and they can be accessed online for distance students. The academic advising center can provide assistance over email or phone, and the writing and learning center posts information on everything from MLA and APA formatting to common writing mistakes.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:48% Alumni Earnings:$42,700 Gift Financial Aid:99% Score:94.04 Student/Teacher Ratio:14:1 Acceptance Rate:93% Online Programs:16 Total Programs:61 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Marian University

Marian University offers several programs that can be completed fully online or in a hybrid online/on-campus format. Programs are career-driven, with fields of study like nursing and paralegal studies that provide qualifications and skills needed in the workplace. While classes are online, the programs may include in-person elements such as internships, externships, and job shadowing experiences. Some of the programs have age, experience, or education requirements that must be met prior to admission. The school uses Canvas learning management system to host courses and support communication between students and instructors. Distance students also have access to an online job board, an information technology help desk, and library materials.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:51% Alumni Earnings:$39,700 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:94.01 Student/Teacher Ratio:11:1 Acceptance Rate:77% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:44 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Bethesda University

The online degree program at Bethesda University imparts students with a comprehensive education in religion. At the undergraduate level, students can specialize the religion program with a concentration in pastoral ministry, biblical studies, or Christian education. Students from the United States and overseas participate in the program, gaining a foundation of knowledge in the Bible and theology that can be carried over into whatever discipline the student chooses to enter. Applicants will be reviewed based on their moral character and Christian commitment in addition to their academic records. Students log into the Moodle learning management system to access course materials, communicate with peers and instructors, and submit assignments.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:69% Alumni Earnings:N/A Gift Financial Aid:2% Score:94 Student/Teacher Ratio:6:1 Acceptance Rate:67% Online Programs:6 Total Programs:9 Placement Services:No Credit for Experience:No View School Profile

Bethel University

贝塞尔大学的远程课程形式各异:有些是完全在线的,有些是在线课程和面对面课程的混合,还有一些主要是在线课程,但每年有一到两周的校园强化学习。网上神学院课程提供几个硕士级别的集中课程,从儿童和家庭事工到变革型领导。学生学习参与和影响他们的社区,同时获得基督教的世界观。许多世俗的学位也可以在网上获得,比如商业、护理和领导力学士课程。Even in secular programs, curriculum encourages students to explore their values and personal faith.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:71% Alumni Earnings:$44,000 Gift Financial Aid:100% Score:93.99 Student/Teacher Ratio:12:1 Acceptance Rate:95% Online Programs:8 Total Programs:63 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

University of Detroit Mercy

Distance learners at the University of Detroit Mercy benefit from small class sizes and frequent communication with professors and peers. Instructors are active in the virtual classroom, providing feedback and assistance, and engaging in discussions throughout the semester. Curriculum centers on problem solving and active learning, and students engage in research projects to build their knowledge. All of the programs are based in the values of compassionate service to those in need, service of faith, and promotion of justice, in addition to a commitment to a quality education. Students are expected to be strong readers and writers, as well as self-motivated and disciplined learners.

Tuition:$$$$$ Graduation Rate:57% Alumni Earnings:$42,200 Gift Financial Aid:98% Score:93.98 Student/Teacher Ratio:13:1 Acceptance Rate:69% Online Programs:13 Total Programs:51 Placement Services:Yes Credit for Experience:Yes View School Profile

Search Online Christian Colleges by Denomination

Whether seeking a large Catholic university or a small Baptist seminary, college-bound students can use the search tool below to filter options by denomination, degrees available, location, tuition, student population and more. In addition, they can compare up to four colleges at a time to easily see which school best fits their needs.

Why Attend an Online Christian College or University?

Though everyone has a specific reason for pursuing an online Christian education, there are some general commonalities between students. The top reasons for enrolling in an online Christian college or university include:

1. Christian Values

Faith-based schools incorporate theology and spiritual concepts of living across curricula and classes, encouraging students to deepen their beliefs while completing their degrees.

2. Likeminded Individuals


3. Focused Growth

Christian colleges emphasize spiritual discipline in all that students do, ranging from work ethic to academic integrity when taking exams or writing papers. By keeping values front and center, students learn how to put God first when making decisions – including career choices after graduation.

4. Potentially Lower Costs

In addition to online courses typically costing less than class-based studies, students may find Christian schools cost less than their secular counterparts.

5. Added Flexibility

The asynchronous nature of most online classes allows learners to complete assignments at times that fit their schedules, which is especially beneficial for students who are working or ministering while completing their degrees.

Christian Universities vs. Bible Colleges: Which Is Right for You?

Hundreds of online Christian universities and Bible colleges exist throughout the country, and prospective students may not initially understand how they differ. While there are many similarities between these two options, there are also significant differences, which we outline below.

Christian Universities Bible Colleges
Academic Offerings
Though Christian universities may have religion classes tucked into their general education requirements, they offer secular programs similar to those at other major universities. Thus, Christian universities expose students to common worldviews. Bible college students can pursue degrees all the way to the doctoral level, just as they can at Christian universities. However, coursework is exclusively focused on Christian topics. Rather than taking general education classes, students focus their entire degrees on areas such as Christian leadership, pastoral studies and church administration.
Student Culture
随着基督教和非基督教学生的混合,学生俱乐部和组织的范围从专门专注于信仰到服务纯粹的社会目的。 Activities and student groups are either focused on Christian endeavors, such as Bible study, or have strong spiritual links (e.g., volunteer groups).
Religious Participation
Chapels are commonplace on school grounds, but participation in religious services depends on the institution. More conservative schools may require attendance, while others provide it as an option. Bible colleges require religious participation, and it is often a substantial part of a student's time at college. Whether in the form of daily chapel or weekly Bible study, these activities are essentially extensions of the curriculum.
Ideal Student
有基督教信仰的学生如果想要学习以职业为中心的或实用的课题,那么在基督教大学里应该会有宾至如归的感觉。这些学生可能不打算从事神职工作,但他们将能够将他们的精神生活和学术生活融合在一起。 People who plan to go into ministry or find a career within the church are suited for Bible College study.

Spotlight on Christian Degrees, Coursework and Careers

Numerous college degrees directly focused on biblical themes are offered by online universities across the nation. The following section highlights some of the most popular Christian degrees, along with common coursework and possible career outcomes after graduation.

Christian Ministry

Created for individuals planning to work in direct ministry, this degree provides a solid foundation in theology and biblical studies while also developing skills in spiritual leadership and pastoral discipleship.

Degree Levels Available

Course Examples

Introduction to Church Ministry

Reviews the biblical foundations of ministry and emphasizes the view that ministry is a calling from God.

Skills & Knowledge Gained
Teaching Scripture


Skills & Knowledge Gained
Personal Development of Leaders


Skills & Knowledge Gained


Possible Careers

Biblical and Theological Studies

Courses in this major provide students with an exhaustive understanding of the Bible while also giving them the tools to understand and uncover the intended meaning of scripture and apply those concepts to the modern world.

Degree Levels Available

Course Examples

Biblical Literature

Provides a historical landscape for understanding the context of the Old and New Testament, with emphasis on exegetical work.

Skills & Knowledge Gained
Biblical and Theological Foundations of Ministry


Skills & Knowledge Gained
The Pentateuch


Skills & Knowledge Gained
Board Governance and Volunteer Management

Prepares graduates to manage the dynamics of church governance, where most congregations are overseen by a board of governors, while coordinating volunteer efforts to run a church.

Skills & Knowledge Gained


Possible Careers

Church Management/Administration

By combining coursework in business management and church leadership, this degree prepares graduates for administrative and leadership roles in finance or operations.

Degree Levels Available

Course Examples

Financial Reporting

Reviews the steps for reporting donations and expenditures; introduces them to accounting and financial statements.

Skills & Knowledge Gained
Civil and Church Regulations

Offers an overview of laws on labor, liability and contracts while also reviewing legal documents of different denominations.

Skills & Knowledge Gained
Ethics of Church Administration

Exposes students to concepts of decision-making and management, financial transparency, and how to be business-minded in a ministry setting.

Skills & Knowledge Gained


Possible Careers

Getting Help Paying for Online Christian Colleges

There are many financial aid opportunities available for online Christian students. Those looking for more information should read our online college financial aid guide, which breaks down every funding option and provides expert advice on filling out the FAFSA®.

Staying Connected: Christian Student Clubs & Ministries

在线基督教大学或圣经学院的学生有许多机会与其他信徒团契。社会和事工不仅帮助学生在信仰上站稳根基,也提供建立有意义的友谊、参与服务计划和持续灵性发展的途径。许多这样的团体保持在线存在,使远程学习者很容易在家里参与。Here are a few of the most prominent ones:

Association of College Ministries


Chi Alpha Christian Ministries

Chi Alpha is a campus-based ministry organization that seeks to build communities of fellowship, prayer and worship among students and faculty.

Christians on Campus

This organization serves as a resource to the many student-led groups focused on Christian fellowship.

College Church Connection

The CCC helps students find churches to attend and other religious communities to meet up with in their town.

Fellowship of Catholic University Students

FOCUS student chapters promote spiritual growth by connecting Catholic students to mission opportunities, retreats and evangelical outreach events.



Reformed University Fellowship

RUF has been serving college campuses since the 1970s. Students can find a RUF outpost via the website's handy search feature.

Accreditation for Online Christian Colleges and Universities

There are two types of accreditation to look for when evaluating colleges: institutional and programmatic.

Online Christian colleges may either receive institutional accreditation from a secular body, a Christian body or both. Colleges and universities accredited by secular organizations have gone through a rigorous process and review by the accrediting body to receive their distinction. Most people consider accreditation from regional bodies to be more prestigious than national accreditation. The former is commonplace at Christian universities, putting them on equal footing with traditional public and private universities.

Institutional accreditationgiven by Christian organizations includes some of the same metrics as a secular body, but includes added standards related to personal spiritual development and use of a faith-based curriculum. Although it's possible for a Christian university to be institutionally accredited by a Christian organization, this option is typically reserved for Bible colleges.

Programmatic (or specialized) accreditors,meanwhile, review individual degrees or departments within a school rather than the institution as a whole. This is most common with Christian schools that also offer traditional subjects, unlike seminaries or Bible colleges.

Here are three accrediting agencies that deal exclusively with Christian schools and programs:

The Association for Biblical Higher Education


The Association of Theological Schools: The Commission on Accrediting

The ATS Commission on Accrediting evaluates more than 270 graduate schools of theology throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools

TRACS has operated as an institutional accrediting agency since 1979, with a focus on promoting and improving Christian schools throughout America.

Other Helpful Websites for College-Bound Christians

This webpage is just a starting point on your journey to a faith-based education. Here are five more places to look for guidance:

American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries

The AACCS includes member schools and seminaries with the shared goal of providing an education that exalts God. It has a handy directory of member schools.

American Association of Christian Schools

Operating throughout the U.S., the AACS is a useful resource for finding schools and programs that support and nurture Christian students.

Christian College Consortium

This group of 13 schools is committed to providing Christ-centered higher education.

Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

CCCU is a professional organization that helps faculty and students alike by providing a database of affiliated colleges.

National Catholic Education Association

Families and prospective students looking for information about schools rooted in the Catholic faith can find it at NCEA.

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